Christiano Jordano & Robert DiDomenico

Talk Nice

Two guys from Philly, Rob & Christiano

Two guys from Philly, Rob & Christiano "Talking Nice" on all things. Music, Nightlife, Business etc.. We got it covered. Keep an eye out for weekly content by checking our website & following us on IG: @talktomenice @robtalksnice @christianojordano

Episodes: 23


S2|EP10: "2020: It's Been Real"

Duration: 45 min

S2|EP9: "HomeTeam"

Duration: 39 min

S2|EP8: "Locked In"

Duration: 39 min

S2|EP7: "The Vision"

Duration: 37 min

S2|EP6: "Build Your Empire"

Duration: 32 min

S2|EP5: “Create > Compete”

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

S2|EP4: "Roger Wilco" LIVE Halloween Edition

Duration: 45 min

S2|EP3: "Just Us"

Duration: 23 min

S2|EP2: “Out Your Comfort Zone”

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

S2|EP1: "The Return"

Duration: 27 min

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