Dan, Jeff, Jimmy

Ear Biscuits

Ear Biscuits

Mmm biscuits… we like biscuits. Ear Biscuits? That may be another story entirely. On this episode Jimmy tries talking Jeff and Dan into the Ear Biscuits podcast. To follow along with us listen to the following episodes: 141. Oreos Vs. Double Stuf 145. On Life, Death and Turning 40 151. How do you survive a Summer Job?   Next week is a big one. The one Jeff’s been waiting for. Jeff tries talking Jimmy and Dan into the music of Weird Al Yankovic. Here’s a helpful playlist so you can listen and decide for yourself: https://open.spotify.com/user/1215653053/playlist/7h8uyQw2tQk4huJ5ZIBBSV?si=vKWwA8neRYqLW5h6qgCQ3g   Please remember to subscribe, rate and review or send us an email (talkmeinto@gmail.com) and we will read it on the next episode. For updates and generally joyful humor, follow the show (@talkmeinto) or the hosts (@sonnavafitch @danny_breakdown @JEFFFFF27) on Twitter. Artwork provided by Twitter user @wikirascals. Theme provided by Hostage Calm.   00:00 - Intro 03:50 - Talking Ourselves Into  09:25 - Ear Biscuits: Pre-listen 15:35 - Ear Biscuits: Post-listen 49:45 - Next Episode: Weird Al Yankovic 51:00 - Outro

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