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The New Social Contract and Future of Work with Nuno Gonçalves from Mars

The New Social Contract and Future of Work with Nuno Gonçalves from Mars

In this episode of The Talent Development Hot Seat, Nuno Gonçalves is a senior human resources leader who is at the forefront of envisioning and driving business and HR life transformations. He is an early pioneer in the move toward continuous transformation as a new reality and is currently the Global Head of Strategic Capability Building for Mars, working on understanding the crucial capabilities for the future and that the business strategy is fully aligned with Mars University. He spent time as the Chief Learning Officer for another major company in Europe and has a long history of work in L & D and capability building. Andy and Nuno Gonçalves discuss global transformation, what strategic capability building is, and how it works with L & D, and what’s changing in the world of talent development. In this episode, you’ll hear: Nuno Gonçalves explains his role as Global Head of Strategic Capability Building and what it means for his company. How learning and development are cultivated at Mars and how the corporate universities play a role in L & D. The changes happening in the global learning and talent development space and the companies that are leading the way for these changes. What “learning in the flow of work” means and how it’s being applied. How the social contract between corporations and employees is changing and why it may change the face of what work looks like. An explanation of the employment social contract and how it affects the economic model. Why organizations should be aspiring to create a culture of learning in the flow of work and some steps they can take toward creating it. Nuno Gonçalves’s belief that HR professionals need to become leaders who need to become visionaries of the future and how it can move a company in the right direction. How he sees the future of work in 2021 and beyond. What “economics of mutuality” means and how it’s being used at Mars. The myth that needs to be deconstructed for progression to continue. Connect with Andy Storch here: ( ( ( Connect with Nuno Gonçalves: (

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