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Supper Club × Developer Experience with Shawn Wang

Supper Club × Developer Experience with Shawn Wang

In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Shawn Wang about his thoughts on developer experience, why DX is important, and the importance of learning in public. Hasura - Sponsor With Hasura, you can get a fully managed, production-ready GraphQL API as a service to help you build modern apps faster. You can get started for free in 30 seconds, or if you want to try out the Standard tier for zero cost, use the code “TryHasura” at this link: hasura.info. We’ve also got an amazing selection of GraphQL tutorials at hasura.io/learn. LogRocket - Sponsor LogRocket lets you replay what users do on your site, helping you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster. It’s an exception tracker, a session re-player and a performance monitor. Get 14 days free at logrocket.com/syntax. Show Notes 00:32 Welcome 01:56 Guest introduction swyx.io Why Temporal? 06:09 What is Developer Experience? Sarah Drasner 08:35 Is VS Code considered DX? 09:28 Why is internal DX important? Vercel NextJS 11:44 Is DX helpful to small organizations as well? 15:27 Parsimony Parsimony 16:43 Is productivity the main focus? 21:09 Sponsor: Hasura 22:48 What are your thoughts on React? 27:31 Designing for API success 30:44 Sponsor: LogRocket 32:07 What is external developer experience? 36:05 Learning in public 40:46 Supper Club questions dx.tips Retreon VS Code Theme Agnoster ZSH Theme freeCodeCamp Frontend Masters QConf Learn in Public ××× SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ××× Scott: The Stormlight Archive Shameless Plugs Scott: LevelUp Tutorials Wes: Wes Bos Tutorials Tweet us your tasty treats Scott’s Instagram LevelUpTutorials Instagram Wes’ Instagram Wes’ Twitter Wes’ Facebook Scott’s Twitter Make sure to include @SyntaxFM in your tweets

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