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‘Double Indemnity’ with ‘Lingua Franca’ Director Isabel Sandoval

‘Double Indemnity’ with ‘Lingua Franca’ Director Isabel Sandoval

We are joined by a truly magnetic and unique voice in filmmaking, director/writer/actor Isabel Sandoval. She calls in from New York to discuss the film noir classic, Double Indemnity. Isabel has so much to cover on the craft of filmmaking. She discusses the power of the human face as a tool for storytelling, and why it so often leaves dialogue superfluous. She and April dissect Isabel’s latest film, Lingua Franca, and why all of her film’s center around women. Isabel also reveals her feelings on the current state of Filipino cinema, and why she wants to stay away from her films being labeled “poverty porn.” And lastly, Isabel shares her ultimate goal for her career; for her films to be considered their own film genre.Please consider financially supporting our show by becoming a Maximum Fun member at can watch Lingua Franca on Netflix now.If you haven’t seen Double Indemnity yet – it’s great!With April Wolfe and Isabel Sandoval.

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