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Ep 42: A Good Company in a 'Bad' World

Ep 42: A Good Company in a 'Bad' World

Another brilliant international friend of ours, based in Sweden, A Good Company creates elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products - from stationery to personal care items. Simple and beautiful!They don’t take shortcuts, thinking about every step in the journey of their products, from how they’re made to how they are transported.We could go on about how much we love AGC’s products, but that’s not only what we’re here to talk about. We want to get Anders’ view on being good in a ‘bad’ world. AGC recently published a report which reviewed the Fortune 500 strategic goals. Looking for climate-related objectives, they found only 6% of these companies’ strategic goals sought to address climate change, distributed across 89 of the 500 companies.Why is this so, even after all the increased awareness about climate change in recent years? What are the implications of these companies undervaluing the planet? And how does Anders think this will all change as a result of COVID-19?Check out A Good Company at *EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT* A Good Company is offering Switch listeners an exclusive discount code for 20% off your first order! Use code SWITCH2020 - enjoy!

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