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Near-Death Experiences & Emanuel Swedenborg

Near-Death Experiences & Emanuel Swedenborg

There are tens of thousands of near-death experience reports on the web and in books, and they have a surprising amount of correlation with Emanuel Swedenborg's visions! Let's look closer at this phenomena and Swedenborg through some reflections by Rev. Wilma Wake and see if it illuminates something for our living, both inward and outward, now and forevermore. You can read the corresponding service on the website at swedenborgiancommunity.org/blog/neardeathandswedenborg Call in at (646) 564-9571 to talk with us live or text chat with us during the service at chatzy.com/swedenborg Join our affirming interfaith community at SwedenborgianCommunity.org :) Our form of Swedenborgianism is an interfaith, affirming spirituality based on mystical Christianity that opens its doors to people of all faiths or none!

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