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These Apps Spy on Your Mental Health - SR87

These Apps Spy on Your Mental Health - SR87

Mental health & Prayer applications are spying on you, Passwordless logins are coming, lots of location sharing all over the world, & more! Welcome to the Surveillance Report - featuring Techlore & The New Oil to keep you updated on the newest security & privacy news.   Support The Podcast Support us on Patreon: Monero: 46iGe5D49rpgH4dde32rmyWifMjw5sHy7V2mD9sXGDJgSWmAwQvuAuoD9KcLFKYFsLGLpzXQs1eABRShm1RZRnSy6HgbhQD   Timestamps SR87 Sources: 00:00 Introduction00:21 Support us!00:50 Highlight Story04:22 Data Breaches07:10 Companies16:34 Research20:16 Politics29:07 FOSS31:20 Misfits35:54 Q&A41:02 Outro41:27 Support us!   Main Sites Techlore Website: The New Oil Website: Surveillance Report Podcast:

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