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Is Google Finally Ditching FLoC? (No!) - SR73

Is Google Finally Ditching FLoC? (No!) - SR73

Google is ditching (but really rebranding) FLoC, Washington DC is suing Google, an elementary school is using Matrix, and more! Welcome to the Surveillance Report - featuring Techlore & The New Oil to keep you updated on the newest security & privacy news.   Support The Podcast The New Oil XMR: 44NAYMG1qupZcZ5WtjHWp58WNkXjetpTbRKHkVyrFZs8SiZK7SycQKdAm5y7sXuVhV1eYcShLjkKpbLRQSZaKxpvV2zo8iiThe New Oil BTC: 14uNfVt6THN2m2ZB9BoQFyQ2upmYaEJb59Techlore XMR: 49H4jTvUY5zaX8qLpVBstJFR7ayTMxxU3UyWpGqUoBM4UzM2zwUHA2sJ9i3AhQYdaqhFmS8PDfWKn1Tea4SKU6haMTXG8qDTechlore BTC: bc1qhh5n0l9qwxl3azh56r5kqteen77djk776yyk98The New Oil Support Methods: Techlore Support Methods:   Timestamps SR73 Sources: 00:00 Introduction00:40 Our Self-Promo!1:26 Highlight Story (Google FLoC)4:36 Data Breaches5:54 Companies15:24 Research16:57 Politics21:33 FOSS27:23 Misfits29:35 Our Self-Promo!   Main Sites Techlore Website: The New Oil Website: Surveillance Report Podcast:

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