Successfully Chaotic

S4 E05 Passion vs Opportunity

S4 E05 Passion vs Opportunity

Michael Stein is a self proclaimed "long shot". His family legacy consists of his grandmother and her family escaping the Russian concentration camps at gunpoint on her way to America, his father being a homeless street kid, becoming a millionaire to then lose it all and becoming homeless again. Being born two months premature and being diagnosed with a learning disability.  Michael visits Maria Daniels on this episode with a discussion of embracing the "middle zone" of chaos, screenplay writing, dealing with self doubt, putting together a documentary (Burn The Boats Coming Soon), his first acting role in "Boogie Nights". Find even more Michael Stein and his podcast: Long Shot Leaders  Find all things @Successfully_Chaotic here!    Book mentioned in this podcast: The Guide for Every Screenwriter by Geoffrey D. Calhoun 

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