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S06 E03 Stocks, Metaverse, Bitcoin and Investing

S06 E03 Stocks, Metaverse, Bitcoin and Investing

The Podcast Mogul, Phil Better and Founder of Banting Court Capital Dalton Rismay join Maria Daniels on Successfully Chaotic to discuss stocks, investing, what is the metaverse, bitcoin and money.   They are 1/2 of the hosts from the Stock Dirty To Me Podcast which airs every Wednesday at 7:30PM ET to discuss the top stocks to invest in and other money matters!   Listen to their show on Apple Podcasts:   You can join them on Instagram:   Follow them on Facebook:   Follow Dalton on his Instagram to get the latest in Financial News and Weekly Lives:   To Stay Up to date with the Podcast Mogul Follow him on Instagram Here:   Find everything Successfully Chaotic on Facebook:   Find more Successfully Chaotic stuff here:

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