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Episode 36 | Haunted Media

Episode 36 | Haunted Media

A Note Of Warning: The topic I discuss this week may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 13. Did you know real human skeletons were cheaper than fake ones in the 1980s? Or that theaters began handing out barf bags to viewers of the Exorcist? Join me as I dive down the rabbit hole of haunted media. I mostly talk about haunted film sets, but I also scratch the surface of subliminal messaging, ARGs, and even Satanic Panic *I butcher the word Giardiasis in this episode. *Check out The Last Movie by Pacific Northwest Stories - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-last-movie/id1360493241 For more info on me and my podcasts please visit FascinatingPodcasts.com. There you can listen to all my episodes, find merch, leave reviews, and read my other published works. Do you have a strange story to tell? Email me at StrangeOriginsPodcast@gmail.com. Visit Patreon.com/FascinatingProductions to become a patron! You can donate any amount, from $2 up, and each tier comes with fantastic benefits including handwritten notes, stickers, merch, and exclusive podcast episodes! Follow me on Instagram at instagram.com/strangeoriginspodcast/ and DM me your strange experiences! THANK YOU to ParanormalityRadio.com for allowing me to be a part of your network and supporting me in my journey. Check them out on IG @ParanormalPodcasts. If you would like access to the online sources of this piece, please email me for a link. Intro Music was produced by me, with the help of SoundTrap.com. Background Music: Tyballer92-Tired-Ghosts-Piano

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