Amadioha: Wrath of Justice

Amadioha: Wrath of Justice

In this episode, just like the previous ones, we would be exploring the Igbo Alusi. Our focus in this episode is Amadioha. Amadioha, (also known as Kamalu) is a major Igbo god, considered as the god of Thunder/War. He is the most popular Igbo Deity, among all the gods in Igbo cosmology. AMADIOHA (god of thunder) belongs to the category or group of divinities which is said to manifest the wrath of the Supreme Being, and they symbolize the thunderbolt or the meteorite stone with which God hurls to strike to death the wicked or evildoers. Thus, Amadioha falls into the class of gods known as war divinities often depicted in the Mbari house by a statue of a man holding a gun. Other ethnic groups in Nigeria have their own local names for war divinities or gods of thunder just like the Igbos. Sokogba, Ogiuwu, Eto, Itiri, Egba, Sango, Jakuta, Oramfe, and many more. You can listen to this episode of Story of the gods at Jamit.fm.

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