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A Young Woman’s Hope – The Origins of Fernbank Museum

A Young Woman’s Hope – The Origins of Fernbank Museum

This StoriesHere episode features a conversation with Jennifer Grant Warner, President and CEO of Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia.  Stories range from the very different experience of being in an old growth forest, to how to pronounce Argentinosaurus (I failed).  Below is a little background from their website on why the title refers to ‘The Audacity of Hope’.  Then join our conversation to learn about this place in Atlanta ‘Where Science, Nature and Fun Make History’! "In the late 1800’s a young woman named Emily Harrison played in one of Atlanta, Georgia’s woodlands. Later in life, she would help preserve 65 acres of land that she played on, which she called “Fernbank.”  As Atlanta grew and became more urbanized, woodlands were disappearing.  In 1939, with the assistance of other “conservation‐minded environmentalists,” she purchased Fernbank Forest with its creek and forest of ferns.    Fernbank Museum of Natural History may be the only natural history museum to ‘grow’ out of the forest.  The museum opened in 1992, and in 2001 the museum became the first to display the world’s largest dinosaurs as a part of their permanent exhibition."

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