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Episode 47 - Check-In: Unpacking Gratitude

Episode 47 - Check-In: Unpacking Gratitude

Each month, Still Becoming brings you a Check-In episode. These episodes are focused on mental health, emotional health, or personal growth, and involve a short teaching and a few take aways in around 15 to 30 minutes. The idea is to take a therapeutic topic or technique and expand it to help us in our everyday lives. This month we are talking about gratitude. This is a topic I often don't teach about because I have seen gratitude often misapplied, leaving many of us to feeling invalidated and shamed for not being "more grateful." So, I didn't want to talk about this topic in a way that would land that way. But we are diving in this month to the topic of gratitude by first naming some of the unhelpful ways we may have experienced it.. Hopefully it is helpful to name some of these. After naming these, we will then be discussing the great power of gratitude as a coping skill, in particular how it helps us with both/and thinking. To find Still Becoming on Instagram, follow Monica at @monicadicristina.

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