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Episode 43 - Mental Health Check In: Grounding Yourself

Episode 43 - Mental Health Check In: Grounding Yourself

Each month, Still Becoming brings you a Check-In episode. These episodes are focused on mental health, emotional health, or personal growth, and involve a short teaching and a few take aways in around 15 to 30 minutes. The idea is to take a therapeutic topic or technique and expand it to help us in our everyday lives. This month we are talking abut "grounding." Grounding is a therapeutic technique to help bring people who are overwhelmed by a though, emotion, or memory back to the present moment. I think many of us may feel overwhelmed these days. There is a lot going on that demands our attention and participation. We will explore the traditional idea of grounding, as well as your questions submitted on Instagram, and creative ways to implement grounding in our own lives. Recommended Readings: Try Softer, by Aundi Kolber, MA, LPC Mindsight, Dan Siegel, M.D. To find Still Becoming on Instagram, follow Monica at @monicadicristina.

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