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Goodbye, Aaron, You’re Fired | Guest: Stu Burguiere | 1/23/20

Goodbye, Aaron, You’re Fired | Guest: Stu Burguiere | 1/23/20

Steve reveals the details of his meeting with CNN and explains exactly what the network is looking for in a conservative voice. Are Todd and Aaron about to be kicked to the curb?! Then, Stu Burguiere of the Glenn Beck Program joins the show to promote his new show, Stu Does America, and provide a new perspective on how the impeachment proceedings could shape the general election. In Hour Two, for Theology Thursday, Steve examines the effect of rewards on the brains of animals and people alike before delving into the fundamental difference between the tax codes of biblical times and those of 21st-century America. Finally, Aaron poses three non-political questions about leftover food, the next boom market, and living in other countries. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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