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Ep. 6: AJ Brodeur - 2019-'20 Co-Ivy League Player of the Year

Ep. 6: AJ Brodeur - 2019-'20 Co-Ivy League Player of the Year

AJ Brodeur is a Penn legend, holding multiple school records including games played/started (119). The only games he'd come to miss were the ones canceled by the Ivy League in March when COVID-19 became prevalent in the U.S. In this episode Brodeur explains the atmosphere of the team and fellow Ivy League athletes when the league canceled the tournament and how so much has changed since March. Brodeur also shares his thinking behind going pro, the effects the pandemic has had on his career aspirations, and much more. 2:15 COVID-19 altering his plans. 5:13 His post-grad plans before COVID-19. 9:36 When Ivy League cancelled tournament and realizing how serious COVID-19 is. 14:15 Reflecting on his career. 19:00 How would he summarize career? 23:30 On being part of Penn’s resurgence. 28:23 How he was notified winning Co-Ivy League Player of the Year. 33:00 People’s reception to analytics. 38:30 On decision to go pro and get an agent. 41:35 Benefits of the NEPSAC. 47:43 Searching for college exposure. 52:39 Stigmas of an Ivy League athlete. The name of the song played in the beginning and end is "No One" by Malary (Twitter/Instagram: @AirMalary).

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