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Ep. 2: Joe Smith - No. 1 Pick in 1995 NBA Draft

Ep. 2: Joe Smith - No. 1 Pick in 1995 NBA Draft

The NBA's No. 1 pick in 1995 discusses what he's learned from squandering his $61 million career earnings and how he wants to use his mistakes to educate the athletes of today. Smith also delves into what happened with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2000 and clarifies what happened with the Golden State Warriors and much more. 2:30 On being traded. 12:10 on losing his fortune. 15:30 financial advisers betrayal. 16:30 Wanting to participate in rookie transition program. 20:00 T-Wolves situation. 25:40 Clarifying reports Warriors offered $80M. 28:45 On consistently playing on one-year deals. 35:00 on retired players association Social media for the artist: @AirMalary on Twitter

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