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Stasis Pod Episode 44: Feral Scream Pt. 1

Stasis Pod Episode 44: Feral Scream Pt. 1

It's been a long time since we've had an episode that revolved entirely around Cheetor being an idiot, but everyone's second-least-favorite kid-appeal character is back to ruining everything again! Megatron captures a stasis pod with a blank protoform in order to make a clone of Dinobot using his new Transmetal 2™ technology! But when Cheetor tries to take down Megatron's sweet evil device all by himself, will he succeed in anything but getting himself killed? Did the Maximals learn to aim from COBRA? And will Jen ever move past them misusing computer terms? Join us for the onset of robot puberty in Feral Scream pt. 1! We want to hear your questions! Email us at stasispodcast@gmail.com and we might answer them on the show!

Duration: 41 min

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