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American Dream

American Dream

So, how is it like to live the American dream in this land of abundance and great opportunities? People leave their countries to seek greener pastures and greater opportunities, but what does it really take to live the American dream?   In this episode, Matt DeCoursey welcomes Liderman Duin, Bluepoint2 founder as they engagingly talk about how Liderman came to the United States surpassing all hardships to fulfill his American dream.   Get to know this fascinating journey of an ardent 14-year-old boy from Venezuela who came to America, struggled in speaking English to becoming a multilingual speaker and a founder of a cutting-edge organization that streamlines communication with patients and manages the logistics prior to their appointments. Along with his success is realizing that “People who care couldn’t buy his product, but the people who can buy it don’t care."   Learn more about:   Full Scale:   Stackify:   Bluepoint2:   GigaBook:   Follow us on Instagram:   Subscribe to our YouTube channel:   Follow us on TikTok:  See for privacy information.

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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