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Episode 85 - Daniel Dominguez III

Episode 85 - Daniel Dominguez III

Welcome to Episode 85 of StarkCast. I had the best time talking with Daniel Dominguez III. You may know Daniel as the frontman of the killer metal band Farooq, or you may know him by his solo work as the rapper vxDEDxv, or maybe as a producer extraordinaire for On Captain Recordings. Perhaps this is your introduction to Daniel? If that is the case, then you’re welcome! I’m not gonna lie, this episode is a love fest! Daniel graciously handles me fawning over his music multiple times. But seriously, Daniel and I go deep talking about his music with Farooq, his solo work as vxDEDxv, and his work producing and collaborating with other artists. We tackle the subject of criticism and methods for dealing with it and growing as an artist, as well as the value of a supportive artistic community. Daniel also tells me all about the consequences of John Mayer fans reacting to his Mean Tweet and I get to learn about a product called Singer Spray. We get into a lot of serious subjects in this episode but also have a ton of laughs along the way. I’m not gonna lie, this was an immensely cathartic conversation for me. It was a true pleasure to connect with Daniel and get into the topics we discuss on this episode. Steel sharpens steel. And buy Daniel’s new solo release, Clocked Out by vxDEDxv - Get it on 3/1/2021!!! Link below. Break Music: Excerpt from Frontman (feat. S.E. Hudson) from vxDEDxv's upcoming release Clocked Out. Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by

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