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Episode 83 - Steven Farshid

Episode 83 - Steven Farshid

I talk with fellow podcaster and friend from the Leftover Army, Steven Farshid. We discuss Star Trek and New Coke among other things. Steven also educates me on the ins and outs of comic book speculation amid the public fervor for silver age comics fueled by the popularity of the MCU. We spend a lot of time during the last hour of the episode discussing WandaVision so let this be your SPOILER WARNING! Be sure to also check out Steven's podcast, SmorgasBorg: A Star Trek Podcast. SmorgasBorg: A Star Trek Podcast: Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by

Duration: 3 hr 15 min

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