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Ethics of the Clone Wars- Vacation Cast

Ethics of the Clone Wars- Vacation Cast

I'm on vacation this week, and the internet is a lot worse than I had hoped up here, so I wasn't able to produce a new episode. Instead, here is an episode that went out on Superhero Ethics about the Ethics of the Clone Wars TV show, so it seemed deeply relevant to this 'cast as well. Enjoy, and we'll be back with new episodes soon!The Clone Wars TV show takes the well known stories of the fall of Anakin and the Jedi and gives them nuance, and moral complexity, and explores questions with relevance for our own world. What happens to peacekeepers when they become generals? What is the moral value of clones, and how were they treated? And what happens when people fight a war without asking why? Star Wars fans and former guests Paul Hoppe and Jonah Kellman join me to dive into these questions and more as we look at the ethical questions from The Clones Wars TV show. Want to continue the discussion with us? Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? We’ve got options for you! You can post questions, or respond to our episode threads in our Superhero Ethics Facebook Group ( or talk to us on the podcast’s Twitter ( account, or email us at Support this podcast through our Patreon page! Patreon is a great way to support creators like us through donations, and get great rewards for your help. You can even pick a topic for an upcoming episode! Want to show your love for Superhero Ethics with a t-shirt, hoodie, cell phone case, mouse pad, or other swag? We now have a store where you can buy any of those things and more! podcast is proud to be a member of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network. Check it out to find a number of other great geek properties, including others co-hosted by Matthew. With MatthewThe Orville Universe PodcastSuperhero Ethics PodcastBingers Assemble And some of the other great Stranded Panda podcasts include:Marvel Cinematic Universe PodcastDC on ScreenStar Trek Universe PodcastWho Watched the WatchmenLastly, you probably heard some great music at the start and the end of our podcast. That music comes from the deeply talented Jack Hesse.. You can follow him on Twitter at Jack_608,

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