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Clone Wars Final Season Review

Clone Wars Final Season Review

Today we’re wrapping up our watch of the final season of The Clone Wars, season 7. We’re looking at the clones and how their story plays out, we’re looking at Ashoka in her days after leaving the Jedi, and... drumroll please... we’re learning more about Order 66.Jeff and I were not able to make our schedules line up this week, but he will be back to talk about our next movie, Revenge of the Sith, soon.Meanwhile, we have two exciting pieces of news!First, the Stranded Panda Podcast Network, of which both this ‘cast and my other one, Superhero Ethics are proud parts, has launched a new podcast that I’m a part of- Panda Vision! Here we talk about shows with superhero or other geek themes, that don’t fit nearly into a ‘verse. Our inaugural episodes where on The Boys, and we’ve got more coming soon about Umbrella Academy- both to gear up for the upcoming next seasons. Check it out at or by searching for PandaVision on your podcast app.Secondly, our sister podcast, Superhero ethics is coming up on its 100th Episode, and it'll be live on Twitch, this Thursday, 7/16 at 6 PM Central! will have a panel of five (five!) all-star Superhero Ethics personalities, as we talk about some of our favorite geeky ethical questions. Come be a part of it live! Share your thoughts, ask us questions, and we'll respond as best we can.You can also add questions beforehand by emailing superheroethics@gmail.comOur full line up of guests includes former co-hosts Paul Hoppe and Jacob Milicic, and regular guests Becky Allen, Jess Plummer, and Matthew Carroll.You can download the episode with a right click and clicking “save link as” or subscribe by searching for Star Wars Universe Podcast on Itunes, Spreaker, or wherever else you get your podcasts. Want to continue the discussion with us? Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? We’ve got options for you!You can post questions, or respond to our episode threads in our Star Wars Universe Podcast Facebook Group, or talk to us on the podcast’s SWUPodcast Twitter account, or email us at, or follow Matthew at CapedEthicist, podcast is proud to be a member of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network. Check it out to find a number of other great geek properties, including many hosted by Matthew or Jeff. They include:With MatthewThe Orville Universe Podcast.Superhero Ethics PodcastWith JeffMarvel Cinematic Universe PodcastBingers Assemble With Jeff, Matthew, and Matt CarrollBingers Assemble And some of the other great Stranded Panda podcasts include:DC on ScreenStar Trek Universe PodcastWho Watched the WatchmenLastly, big thanks go out to Kalissa Fitzgerald who created our gorgeous logo, and Jack Hesse who created the intro and outro music

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