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Squirrel's Nest Episode 0: The Resonance Box

Squirrel's Nest Episode 0: The Resonance Box

  The launching episode features a conversation of host María Villa with Bassam el Baroni, Assistant Professor of Curating of the ViCCA Masters, and Ksenia Kaverina, the curator in the Aalto Arts & Creative Practices Initiative, that supports this podcast. ​We venture to discuss the original idea of Chilean artist Ariel Bustamante—bringing people inside the Conversation Room​ to have meaningful dialogues— and how it might be shaped ahead by the context. Thinking of the squirrel that built its nest inside the ​Conversation Room​, repurposing it as part of Otaniemi’s natural environment in the winter of 2017, we discuss what this ​Conversation Room​ stands for in the middle of a science/design/business driven environment. What is the potential it creates as a site for public debate, a resonance box, bringing in multi- and cross-disciplinary ideas, and what should be contemporary art’s role in the same context?

Duration: 33 min

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