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47: What I Didn't Expect to Learn From My Recent Hike in Colorado That Can Be Applied To Anything In Life

47: What I Didn't Expect to Learn From My Recent Hike in Colorado That Can Be Applied To Anything In Life

n this week's episode of SportSquire, Brad speaks about his recent trip to Breckenridge Colorado  with his wife Carly, where they hiked Hoosier Pass and went on a bit further on the trail to summit up to North Star Mountain. He encourages those listening to utilize hiking as an opportunity to "get away and re-focus". A few things he talks about in today's episode that he did not expect to learn when reflecting on his most recent hiking experience: 1.) Hiking Takes Preparation: You have to pay attention to the forecast. Figuring out what time of day to head out and ensuring you have adequate water, proper clothing/shoewear, and that you know where the heck you are going are all part of the pre-planning process. This is no different than anything else in life. They better prepared you are for anything the more likely you are going to do well at something and see it to completion. 2.) Sometimes You Have to Take Breaks: When you are gaining elevation there were several times Brad speaks about him and his wife pausing to regain their composure and then they would push back up the mountain. In life, we sometimes run ourselves so hard that we think we can't go forward when all we really need is just a breather and a short break. 3.) Balance Between Looking Where Your Feet are And Looking Ahead: It's easy on a moderate to difficult trail to step on a rock, limb or put your foot in a hole and roll your ankle or misstep. You have to look down at times to ensure you are avoiding danger in the present moment. However, you have to look up to make sure you are going in the right direction. The same goes for your personal journey. You cannot lose sight of where your feet are currently but every now and then you need to look up and make sure you are heading in the right direction! 4.) Sometimes You Just Have to Stop And Appreciate the View: Sprinting up the mountain would not have been that enjoyable. Taking our time with rest breaks to take in the views was absolutely an out of body experience. Sometimes in life, we have to do the same thing. This was a huge analogous moment for Brad to remember that you HAVE TO ENJOY THE MOMENT AND THE JOURNEY. Brad says "stopping and appreciating the view was a spiritual talk with me and the Good Lord. It is a reminder for me personally and encouragement for you out there to stop and find God in the small parts of your day. He is at work in big ways that you sometimes don't take the time to see! " 5.) There Is More Than One Way to Get Up A Mountain: On some trails, some individuals see an opportunity to hike a different path that ultimately gets them to the same spot. I've learned, it doesn't matter what path you choose, just be all in to going the direction you choose and don't look back. 6.) The Top Or End Happens Quick: Getting up to the Summit of the North Star Mountain at 13,400 feet elevation was so rewarding. I spent 5 minutes at the top appreciating the view and the accomplishment of the hike. It made me realize that there is so much more to appreciating a result. You have to learn to enjoy the grind and process because that is where you are spending the majority of your time. 7.) Who You Hike With Matters: If you are going to go on a long journey and trip you better enjoy the other person's company! Brad speaks about how great of a bonding experience it was for him and his wife to accomplish this hike together. "Sharing an experience and a challenge and seeing it through is one of the most forging things one can do to improve a relationship". 8.) Don't MIss An Opportunity to Celebrate Go to AllTrails app to find some trails in your neck of the woods and start enjoying the positive benefits of exercising outdoors! You won't regret it!

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