Brad Howell

04: Build A Foundation That Keeps You Coming Back!

04: Build A Foundation That Keeps You Coming Back!

Too often individuals jump into certain training programs without attention to the most foundational focal points like mobility, activation of important muscle groups through their full range of motion, stability, and translation of how they will progress to more functional based exercises that will make an impact on their everyday potential. We frequently jump straight to loading with little respect for the neuromuscular adaptations that happen during the first 4-6 weeks of any program. Brad lays out how resting spinal posture can be a great assessment tool for mobility, activation, and endurance of anti-gravity postural muscles that are responsible for unloading your spine. He speaks to a 3 step assessment to describe how you can be more aware of the 3 transitions of your spine and how you can influence these areas to better influence a solid foundation. Stripping down your training program to restore optimal mobility, stability, strength are paramount to allowing individuals to have a strong neuromuscular base that can be progressively loaded. This concept will allow for minimizations of compensation and achievement of maximal capacity. If you listen to the end of the episode Brad speaks to a free 6 week PDF that addresses the very concepts he speaks about during this episode! Don’t be normal, be a SportSquire!

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