Will Dak and the Cowboys get a Deal Worked Out?

Will Dak and the Cowboys get a Deal Worked Out?

SportsDecaf is back on this Wednesday afternoon to talk about the biggest things in football. NFL season is right around the corner and our own Dallas Cowboys seem to have them selves in a contract frenzy. With Zeke extension not looking to happen anytime soon will the Dallas Cowboys work a deal with Dak declining $30 mil a year. With all the issues going on in Dallas will the Cowboys make the playoffs? We then get into more drama in the NFL as Antonio Brown attempted to retire from the league due issues with his helmet. Should the Raiders look to trade him at some point of the season. To top off the show, the NFL has reached an entertainment deal with Roc Nation, will this increase the NFLs ratings? We thank you for tuning in, don’t forget to follow us on twitter and instagram @SportsDecaf

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