Dr. Tabor Smith, Chiropractor, Speaker, Spinal Hygienist

(S2) E4: Outbreak - Comparing the Numbers

(S2) E4: Outbreak - Comparing the Numbers

Can you imagine if there was a contagious disease affecting 96% of the population?  ...That's the amount of people who will develop degenerative disc disease (DDD) by the age of 80.  The difference is that most of the time DDD goes undetected in the spinal column for decades.  And even when it does present with symptoms  such as aches and pains, drugs that simply cover up the pain are administered and the degeneration continues to get worse.  If you're waiting for the CDC or any other organization inside the health care system to teach you how to take care of your spine, it's going to be too late.  It's time for you to take action now, and preserve the health of your spine starting today!

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