Dr. Tabor Smith, Chiropractor, Speaker, Spinal Hygienist

(S2) E2: Spinal degeneration in 10 year olds...

(S2) E2: Spinal degeneration in 10 year olds...

Adults aren’t the only ones at risk for arthritis today. A recent study from a group of researchers in Scotland found 9% of 10 year olds showed evidence of spinal degeneration in their spine. With kids getting less and less exercise, and more and more computer and video time, it’s no wonder their spines are showing signs of damage and decay as well. ..Reference: Shock Over Disc Degeneration in 10-Year Olds-But Are Disc Abnormalitites in This Age Group Surprising? http://journals.lww.com/backletter/Citation/2004/01000/Shock_Over_Disc_Degeneration_in_10_Year_Olds_But.1.aspx

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