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Grand Agent - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions

Grand Agent - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions

BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents @realgrandagent #interview #session !!! One of the finest to emerge from the Philly underground in the mid-to-late 90s, Grand Agent’s resume is an impressive one to say the least - and we like it when our interviewees like to tell stories as much as we like to hear them, and Grand certainly doesn’t disappoint. Grand talks getting the recording bug in high school, making moves with his first group Name, pumping early demos at Rich Medina’s & Bobbito’s Footwork establishment in Philly, not to mention a great convo about how INSANE the Philly hip-hop, soul & R&B scene was at this time. We get into the Groove Attack years, touring with Common, Lootpack & Camp Lo moving to Germany, and the making of his incredible collaboration with Pete Rock - “This is What They Meant”. We also chat about making the Rawkus 50, his self-imposed break from music in 2011, writing production cues for music libraries in Hollywood and his script writing talent. We also have a great round on the current trend of “throwback” hip-hop radio. Of course we get into the new project “AC Hip-Hop”, which is available now for FREE dollars, and what is coming for him in 2015 and beyond. GRAND RIGHT NOW you suckas! // // #hiphop #rap #DJ #mix #interviews #podcast #ATL #PHILLY #WORLDWIDE Recorded live May 10, 2015 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on @soundcloud @mixcloud twitter/IG: @jondoeatl @southernvangard @cappuccinomeeks

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