Erica Kelley

159: The Murder of Jennifer Evans

159: The Murder of Jennifer Evans

On June 18, 1995, Jennifer Evans, a 21 year old pre-med student, went to a Virginia Beach nightclub with her two friends. While there, she met a young Navy SEAL recruit. They hit it off and she wanted to stay when her friends were ready to leave. So the friends said they would be back to pick her up at closing time. But when they came back, Jennifer was nowhere to be seen. Hosted and produced by Erica KelleyWritten by Erica Kelley and Haley GrayResearched by Haley Gray Original Graphic Art by Coley HornerOriginal Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma RadioEdited & Mixed by Next Day Podcast & Erica KelleySources: Friends without the “R” - Best Fiends

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

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