4: David Keogh - Founder of Perfect Pitch & Bands4Brands - Building Fan-Base & Music Buzz

4: David Keogh - Founder of Perfect Pitch & Bands4Brands - Building Fan-Base & Music Buzz

For this episode, Karen Harding interviewed David Keogh, Founder of Sydney based, Perfect Pitch & Bands4Brands to discuss everything about building your audience and fan-base and building a buzz around your music. There were some internet technical glitches, however he came back on both instances and we were able to continue our interview, full of valuable information for musicians. Dave Keogh has been a music fan since he first heard The Beatles as a young boy and then stood just beyond a rain-soaked, windswept tarmac as an awe-struck eight-year old, watching the legendary band disembark from their TAA Flight. He later managed bands and toured Australia regularly in the early 1980s, supporting the likes of Mental As Anything, Flowers (Icehouse) and Dragon. He’s been a venue booker, a journo writing gig reviews for various music mags, licensed theatrical agent and a record company publicist. (And he actually got to meet George Harrison at a press conference in the mid-'80s!) Dave’s also been a professional writer and creative director working in the advertising/marketing industry for decades, with time spent at major agencies including O & M and McCann Erickson before co-founding his own communications agency Vida in 2000. He launched music marketing agency Perfect Pitch in the mid-2000s mainly to help emerging artists to build their profile and their fan base. He's recently launched Music Branding agency Bands4Brands. Dave has organised, booked and acted as M.C. at Live Music venue Eastern Lounge for a decade. You can reach David Keogh by heading to you have any follow up questions, please reach out at:Email - soundsonthecouch@gmail.comInstagram - - Linkedin - Web - www.soundsonthecouch.comCouch Mag - We would love to see you get involved, whether it be through an interview on our podcast, a live streamed performance or via an article on Couch Mag, our online magazine..Our commitment is to continue to provide access to valuable information to help you move forward as an artist.. if you would like to support us financially with the project, please head to If you love the interview, please rate and review us.. it will mean that more people will have access to the tools and tips available through this podcast.Finally, we would love to hear some of your journey.. please send us a message and let us know what has been happening in your musical journey.See you next time!

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