1: SUNFLOWER Artist Interview

1: SUNFLOWER Artist Interview

For our very first episode, Karen Harding interviews Brisbane based Lawson Doyle and Kahlia Ferguson.. the leading front man and front woman of SUNFLOWER.The band had just released their single ‘Get Yourself Together’, a couple of days before we met.During the interview, we discuss how the two were fatefully drawn together at Bluesfest in 2019 and how the band has developed from there.We also discuss topics such as Sunflower’s experience of the releasing process, being comfortable enough to embrace those quirks and things that make you different.. we discussed bullying from the industry and managing receiving nasty messages over social media.. and most importantly many quotes relating to Lawson’s favourite band growing up, Oasis!If you would like to check out their music, head to: Facebook - - - - If you have any follow up questions, please reach out at:Email - soundsonthecouch@gmail.comInstagram - - Linkedin - Web - www.soundsonthecouch.comCouch Mag - We would love to see you get involved, whether it be through an interview on our podcast, a live streamed performance or via an article on Couch Mag, our online magazine..Our commitment is to continue to provide access to valuable information to help you move forward as an artist.. if you would like to support us financially with the project, please head to Finally, we would love to hear some of your journey.. please send us a message and let us know what has been happening in your musical journey.See you next time!

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