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Episode 083 - Return to Disneyland (Binaural)

Episode 083 - Return to Disneyland (Binaural)

Alright this week we return to Disneyland for a binaural recording. This is best listened too with headphones as that will give you the best immersive experience. This was recorded during my visit to the park last month. We begin just inside the turnstiles and then make our way around the park and end up on one of my favorite attractions. Can you figure out which path Im taking just by sound? Good luck. . . . Show Patrons: Brenda Howton Allington Brown Warren Budenbender Kelly Mayer Scott Geyer Jared Story Thomas Hartman Brian Martin Nick Baker Anne Griffith Maria Sanchez Sokolowski . . . . Questions/comments: Support the show at: --- Support this podcast:

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