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Soulseekers Welcomes Dr Ed Craft

Soulseekers Welcomes Dr Ed Craft

The Soulseekers welcome Dr Ed Craft, the "Original Anomalist". Ed served in the United States Army with a Secret Clearance as a volunteer soldier with the Headquarters United Nations Joint Security Force at the Joint Security Area, Camp Kitty HawkMun Jom, Korea. Headquarters 8th Army Engineering Battalion, Second Division, Korea . The Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion Ft. Devens, MA. The Headquarters 7th Special Forces Medical Support Battalion Ft.Devens, MA. He was awarded the Army Over Seas Service Ribbon and the Army Achievement Medal for his honorable service. Ed had his first unusual encounter with a "hairy creature" as a young Boy Scout in South Florida which was featured in a book on “Encounters with the Strange and Unexplained” by internationally renowned Rolling Stone’s photographer Matt Hoyle. Since his initial encounter with the unknown, he has investigated strange unexplained lights in the night skies and researched government cover ups of the UFO phenomena. He has interviewed countless UFO eyewitnesses, to include fellow researcher Stanton T. Friedman, who was one of the original recipients of the MJ-12 documents and Dr. Jessie Marcel Jr. who is a living eyewitness to the actual Roswell crash debris material. He has been featured in the Miami Herald for his work investigating ghostly occurrences in homes and businesses and has traveled to Mexico were he has stood on the Pyramid of the Sun at the ruins of Teotihuacán. Ed has search for the "Swamp Ape" in the wilds of the Florida swamps, and explored many more phenomena of an anomalous nature. In spite of experiencing all these things, he still searches for evidence that these and other occurrences are not "para"normal, but simply a normal part of the Universe. His twenty plus years of research in the field anomalous phenomena have taken him on a very different path to discover the real truth through the combination of applied science,common sense, education, and an open mind. Ed prefers to take the “keeping it real” approach to investigating anomalous phenomena. In 2008 he was nominated and elected to become a Fellow at the Pangea Institute. He has been interviewed on numerous national and international radio talk shows and online magazines. He has consulted for the History Channel’s Hit Series Monster Quest for his work in the field of Cryptozoology and is the creator & former host of the popular internet “para”normal talk radio show Magick Mind Radio. One of the very first 5 night a week internet talk radio shows to devote its format to the topic of anomalous phenomena. Ed is also the author of the upcoming book, UFOs the Dossier. A retired Veterinary assistant and former portrait photographer, yes “jack of all trades, master of none”, he currently spends his time as a freelance writer/researcher and consultant. Exploring and investigating the unknown while pursuing his interests in education, family, friends and the joy of life.

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