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SCR Mix Series Vol. 29 - Moo Latte

SCR Mix Series Vol. 29 - Moo Latte

Soul Circle Radio Mix Series Vol.29 MOO LATTE (Poland I Denmark) @moolatte I started making music at the age of 7. I first learned to play the violin and classical guitar the first 9 years when I was in music school. After that I started playing jazz on guitar and bass. At 16, I began following the whole trip hop movement with influences from Massive Attack and Portishead. This was what led me into making music. Later, I kept on opening my head with beats by J Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus. I like to blend my jazz and classical background into my music by constructing harmonies and melodies as well as experimenting with the macro structures of entire albums. My last release "Syd" includes all of those things as well as introducing inspiration from my African heritage. Having a Congolese father, a Polish mother and spending the last 6 years in Scandinavia really pushed me to blend all those cultures together in a 16 track long piece. For the 29th installment of SCR Mix Series, I included discoveries from the beat scene and blended in two tracks from my older releases. Those tracks go along my musical road and remind me of the necessity of being up to date with what is happening around the world, because there is so much good music out there. Playlist: 01 Moo Latte - Voip 02 Dibias$E - Soon 03 The Jeferson Park Boys - Past Boys 04 Al Dobson Jr. - Nankoo On Keys 05 Fushou. - Love Affirmation 06 The Stuyvesants - The Dillema 07 Samiyam - Slime 08 Moo Latte - 1997 09 Mxrc Clxrc - Secret Delight 10 MED - House Keys 11 Tall Black Guy, Kenny Keys - Rockin’ from the Beginning to End - Mix Cut 12 Illingsworth - Peeves 13 Kuzich, Mei Saraswati - Innversions 14 Ashley Henry & the RE:ensemble - The World is Yours 15 SkyBlew - Less is more 16 Moo Latte - Ballad Follow @moolatte Released 11/1/18

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