Sorry For Asking

Sorry For Asking with Adam Ramzi and Cole Connor

"Sorry For Asking" brings together longtime friends and award-winning gay adult film performers, Cole Conner and Adam Ramzi, to ask all the questions (and they mean that literally). From talking shop to sharing stories about their experiences in porn, "Sorry For Asking" podcast will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the life and reflections of queer adult content creators. Between their conversations and the parade of guests that will join them, "Sorry For Asking" will ask all the sexy questions you were too afraid to ask. "Sorry For Asking" will make you not sorry for tuning in! Support this podcast:

Episodes: 15


Hardworking Sluts, Season 1 Finale

Duration: 41 min

Stuffing Every Day

Duration: 43 min

Cloudy With a Chance of Anal

Duration: 46 min

Tales of a Moody Boner

Duration: 48 min

Big Fat Hot Dog, Featuring Mario Diaz

Duration: 44 min

Break-ups and Downs

Duration: 43 min

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