Episode #13 - Go Big Or Go Home. | Christian Podcast

Episode #13 - Go Big Or Go Home. | Christian Podcast

In this episode, we meet up with Calico Cooper, Vocalist & Theatrics (Beasto Blanco). Our discussion is based on her band's song, "The Seeker," from their 2019 album, "We Are."We also take some time to discuss Alice Cooper's Solid Rock and the teens she's worked with at The Rock Teen Center.Beasto Blanco Info:Facebook: Playlist: Song & Verse Ministries On:Facebook:"The Seeker" song lyrics:VERSE:Searched for a preacher but instead I found a ravenHeathen sung a wasted song in wicked keyHe crowed a riddle with a tremble at the moral“Truth will you get you nowhere lies will set you free”Yeah Yeah Yeah YeahThe meaning carved a scar too deep to know for certainBird took to sky and left me choking on the versesDeceit is gold, truth never told so she’s the huntedBeloved mother with her arms around the serpentYeah Yeah Yeah YeahCHORUS: Follow the soundLook towards the groundHer demon seed that lies inside won’t be forsaken Absence of map that can reveal where treasure takenThe bloody trail she left is banquet for the gluttonMetallic spice escaped, her iron will awakenYeah Yeah Yeah YeahYeah Yeah Yeah YeahYeah Yeah Yeah YeahCHORUS Follow the soundLook towards the groundRedeem her Go seek herShe knows not what she doesThey’ll kill her like the lambShe’s so far away like a reverieShe thinks she’s alive, but she wastes away Carries lies like a heavy loadShe opens her eyes for the fatal blow/to break the codeShe feels it insideRaven amplifiedCarries lies like a heavy loadCarries lies like a heavy loadShe carries lies until they explodeThere’s no mercyHot she’s burningThey're all about to find itBut she stumbles on the wordingCrow cries liarsSongwriters: Beasto BlancoThe Seeker lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC#songandverse #calicocooper #beastoblanco #weare #theseeker #podcast

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