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Triumph over a harasser | with Meredith Holley, Esq.

Triumph over a harasser | with Meredith Holley, Esq.

"I had to stop being sexist against myself before I could really impact the behavioral sexism I was seeing in the environment." -- That's from this week's guest, attorney turned conflict resolution coach, Meredith Holley.  Meredith is an attorney in Oregon who was working in 2013 at a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment. Yet at her law firm, one of her male bosses was sexually harassing HER. She said she found it to be an extremely humiliating problem to have; and yet she ultimately found a way to not just get the harassment to stop, but to continue working successfully at that same firm - with her harassy-y boss, no less - for several years to come.  Throughout the conversation, Meredith had lots of helpful suggestions for women facing similar situations. And she delivers it all with a heavy dose of humor - there was lots of laughter throughout this episode.  Julia and Meredith also talked about male backlash to the #MeToo era - and Meredith offered a (hopefully) reassuring story to the men listening, about a male client of Meredith's who said something sexist and dumb at a public event, came clean about it, and experienced a more positive outcome than he ever imagined he would as a result.  (See, men? We aren't all out to get you! We just want you to take responsibility for your behavior, and demonstrate that you've changed. If you do that, we're pretty much all good!) Meredith is also the author of two books:  Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job, by Meredith Holley  The Inclusive Leader's Guide to Healthy Workplace Culture, by Meredith Holley To accept Meredith's generous offer of receiving BOTH her books, in digital form, free of charge go to https://CareerDefense101.com  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would you like us to keep making more episodes like this one?  Make a contribution here.  Join the Solving #MeToo community:  email: feedback@solvingmetoo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199718984507390/ Twitter: @Julia_Kline, @SolvingMeToo #TheSMTPodcast, #SolvingMeToo 

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