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Healing from Shame | Jennie Willoughby

Healing from Shame | Jennie Willoughby

Jennie Willoughby became a symbol of forgiveness and compassion in early 2018 when she wrote a blog post that became a viral sensation - and sparked the global hashtag #AndSoIStayed - detailing the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, a top aide to President Donald Trump. Jennie is now a writer, speaker and singer whose message encourages us all to strive for empathy, connection and self-compassion.  The reason I wanted to talk to Jennie is that the work that she's doing is so in alignment with this podcast, and the movement behind the podcast: Stop the abuse. Foster healing. Fix broken systems. But wrap all of it in as much compassion and forgiveness as possible, without diminishing the first three.  Jennie's performance of her blog post + 2 songs, at a fundraiser for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in October 2019. Jennie's interview with Mark Halperin (edited by Mark's people prior to publication, so it's lost much of Jennie's perspective unfortunately) The detailed allegations against Mark Halperin, in the words of the women he harmed  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would you like us to keep making more episodes like this one?  Make a contribution here.  Join the Solving #MeToo community:  email: feedback@solvingmetoo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199718984507390/ Twitter: @Julia_Kline, @SolvingMeToo #TheSMTPodcast, #SolvingMeToo 

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