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SOAH Footnotes Ep2

SOAH Footnotes Ep2

Welcome, Welcome to SOAH Footnotes, Ep 2. Make sure you are following Sole Of A Hustla on all Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @SoleofaHustla SOAH Episode 2 Guest: Erik Grayson @crownholders11 (Instagram) Cut Out The Middleman You can always send in SOAH recommendations or email me to talk Mention: #WingsDay, Dallas Next Episode: Mr. D Murph from Why Not Sports and Flagrant 2 Podcast (August 28th, 2018) Upcoming Events Announcements: *CHMG (crownholdersmg, IG) Road Trip Road Trip Oct 5th - Oct 7th, 2018 Dallas 2 Houston Weekend 2018... **I will be attending Dallas2Houston** * APODCONNECTIONATL Oct 5th -7th 2018 A three day conference filled with Meet & Greets, Live Shows, Expert Panels and unlimited networking. *TOS Podcast Live SHOW Come out and enjoy an evening with Syer, Jayomega and Cherry Poppins of The Officially Street Podcast! Hosted By Funny Julius Special Guests: TBA Sponsored by Kerby's Cup Location: Firelight Studio - 247 Water Street Brooklyn. NY 11201 Until next time, PeopleTalkDaily

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