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Episode 41: SOLABS Services, Security and Architecture

Episode 41: SOLABS Services, Security and Architecture

The QM Insights podcast show is back on its mission to help SOLABS’ clients learn from experience. In today’s episode, the team discusses the services offered by SOLABS, how we handle security and our responsibility in regard to data and reporting.   Etienne Langlois, SOLABS’ Marketing Coordinator is taking over as today’s host while Ericka is taking a break for health reasons. Our guests today are Kevin Byrne Langlois, Head of Engineering at SOLABS and Philippe Gaudreau, CEO at SOLABS.   00 :32 Introducing Today’s Guests, Kevin Byrne Langlois and Philippe Gaudreau 01:08 You can learn more about today’s topic on our Knowledge Base at 01:52 The different types of services we offer at SOLABS 04:23 Kevin details the Core Services and Enhancement Services our clients use frequently 08:26 Our responsibilities towards data, reporting and analytics 12:24 Is SOLABS’ hardware redundant and who is responsible for making sure it runs smoothly? 16:24 Etienne thanks the guests and listeners 16:45 Reach us at for suggestions   Reach out to us at Visit SOLABS’ Knowledge Base at SOLABS

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