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Episode 28: SOLABS Product Roadmap Survey Results

Episode 28: SOLABS Product Roadmap Survey Results

This year is going to be a very important year for SOLABS as they are rolling out 10.8 in 2020. SOLABS sent out their Product Roadmap Surveys to clients in the months of November and December 2019, and more than 90% of clients provided responses to the survey!   So in today’s episode, Philippe Gaudreau, the founder and CEO of SOLABS, will be going over some of the key results of these surveys and sharing some of the invaluable responses that will be indispensable in helping SOLABS’ product roadmap for 2020. A detailed write-up of the results will later be sent out to everyone that participated.   Key Takeaways: [:30] Philippe Gaudreau welcomes listeners back to the first QM Insights Podcast in 2020. [1:02] About today’s episode. [2:10] The message that is loud and clear from clients in terms of what they want in 2020. [3:43] Philippe covers five of the highest rated features from the survey results that will be a main focus for SOLABS in 2020. [6:27] Philippe announces the decision to release one version of the product per year. [7:12] Areas of improvement that were requested in the survey. [9:25] Philippe covers another important area of the survey: the reporting section. [11:30] Philippe announces the launch of the new SOLABS website that is set to release in February 2020. [12:40] Philippe wraps up this week’s episode and gives some final notes about where to find him and follow-up on this news.   Mentioned in this Episode:  Philippe Gaudreau on LinkedInGretchen Dixson on LinkedIn

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