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Episode 37: Looking Back at 2020 With SOLABS’ Executives

Episode 37: Looking Back at 2020 With SOLABS’ Executives

The QM Insights podcast show is back on its mission to help SOLABS’ clients learn from experience, continuously improve and do more with less. This week’s episode is a little different from usual as our host Ericka Moore is joined by SOLABS’ executives to look back at the challenges, realizations and overall performance of each department for 2020. These executives are SOLABS’ CEO Philippe Gaudreau, our Head of Engineering Kevin Byrne Langlois, our Head of Product and Quality Management Martine Boire and finally our Marketing Coordinator Etienne Langlois. Key Takeaways 0:45 – Today’s topic is looking back at 2020 with SOLABS’ executives 1:00 – Ericka introduces today’s guests: Philippe Gaudreau, Kevin Byrne Langlois, Martine Boire and Etienne Langlois 2:05 – Philippe discusses his software tech inspirations for 2020 4:25 – The team discusses the most challenging projects that they’ve tackled this year 9:13 – Philippe shares his thoughts on the adaptability and productivity of the SOLABS’ team in the face of COVID-19 12:16 – The team shares the realizations they are most proud of for 2020  17:50 – Etienne explains how he measures the performance of the marketing department and what the results have been this year 21:50 – Ericka shares her metrics and the performance of the client success department 24:57 – Martine discusses the same information for the product and quality management department 28:45 – Kevin details the performance of the engineering department for 2020  37:00- Ericka thanks the guests and expresses her best wishes for 2021 38:32 – Philippe shares his final words for our clients this year

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