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Episode 1: Leveraging Solabs QM 10 to Build a Training Plan with Martha Bailey

Episode 1: Leveraging Solabs QM 10 to Build a Training Plan with Martha Bailey

Welcome to the first episode of Solabs QM Insights podcast — the series that focuses on showcasing features within Solabs QM 10. Each episode features a new guest expert from Solabs about popular features. Your host is Ericka Moore, Head of Client Success at Solabs, joined by co-host Philippe Gaudreau, CEO of Solabs. In this episode, Ericka interviews Martha Bailey, Manager of Client Support, to discuss leveraging Solabs QM 10 to build a training plan. Ericka and Martha discuss how training activities can be scheduled in series to allow users to be trained on a specific on a subject or method of instruction.   Martha further explains how to schedule training activities in a specific order per user or group of users, how training admins can leverage the system to create sets of activities in advance, how to set up retraining for users, and more.   Key Takeaways: [:06] About today’s episode. [1:08] How training is structured in Solabs QM 10. [2:53] How would one achieve setting up staff training on different topics in a pre-defined order? [3:55] Does the order need to be the same for all users or can sequences be defined per user? [4:37] How do users know when to take their training? How are they notified? [5:10] The types of notifications you receive using Solabs QM 10. [7:09] What happens when a user needs to be retrained but the training is not linked to an updated document (or linked at all)? [10:28] How training admins can can leverage training activities in Solabs QM 10. [14:28] How to create a task to remind training admins to set activities active. [15:58] Key takeaways from this week’s episode. [16:30] Philippe shares what users of Solabs QM 10 can come to expect in future updates. [20:15] If you would like to learn more, visit: for guides that cover various training section topics. To get in contact with Ericka, email her at: [21:42] About next week’s episode.   Mentioned in this Episode: Solabs QM 10 Questionmark

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