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Document Management in QM10, Part 2: Periodic Reviews When No Changes Are Required

Document Management in QM10, Part 2: Periodic Reviews When No Changes Are Required

In today’s episode, the team discusses how QM10 can help our clients manage Periodic Review Cycles for their documents that require it. This episode focuses on scenarios where the periodic review identifies that no changes are required to the document. This is part 2 of a series on how SOLABS QM can help manage your Document Periodic Reviews.   Etienne Langlois, Sr. Marketing Coordinator, is today's host. Our guests are Gretchen Dixson, Head Trainer and Product Specialist at SOLABS, and Philippe Gaudreau, CEO at SOLABS.   Listen to Part 1 Here   00:26 Today’s topic is document Periodic Reviews where it is identified that no changes are required. 01:14 Find more documentation on today’s topic here 01:37 What is a Periodic Review where no changes are required? 02:21 How should you handle a "no change" scenario? 03:52 Why Document Coordinators play a critical role in handling those scenarios. 05:02 How do some of our clients enter the Reason for Change when there is no change? 06:04 Changing the meaning of signature align with your needs for Periodic Reviews. 07:12 How to handle training in "no change" scenarios. 08:03 What if you do not want to trigger retraining? 10:20 Learn how to use the document control process for Periodic Reviews here 11:27 QM10 is flexible to meet your needs - Gretchen stresses the importance of establishing your procedures within your SOPs to ensure consistency. 13:16 Thanks to our listeners! Cosmetic Change option when Revising Documents Document Periodic Review Cycle

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