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Assassin's Last Call

Assassin's Last Call

You are the Improvising Secret Agent: a master of both physics and chemistry with the incredible ability to combine materials in unimaginable ways to create the right tool for any job. Here’s the problem: The assassin who targeted your partner has caught up with you both at the bar, and it's last call. Your five random story elements are: Iron chains covered in rust, astronaut ice cream, being pretty good with a bo staff, a commercial fire extinguisher, and a ghost outfit (it's just a sheet with cut-out eyeholes). Pick three of them, imagine how you will solve the problem, and craft your story. Bonus points for imaginative and hilarious solutions. Record yours at, and we might include it on our weekly recap podcast. Or post a short video on TikTok or Instagram and tag @SoManyProbsGame. To play the real-life version, learn about the January 14th Kickstarter, and maybe make some new Problems and Elements, head over to See you tomorrow, problem solvers! © & ™ 2019 Join In Games --- Send in a voice message:

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