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Episode 43 - Shaggy's in Hell

Episode 43 - Shaggy's in Hell

YEAH, BABY, YEAH! SKY PIRATE RADIO IS BACK! With their premier shock-jock style, Jace and Kevyn touch base on the latest in gaming software and technology through the lens of Australian comic sensation (?) Da 'n' Dill, before quickly getting to the meat of things with an almost half-our discussion of the first feature in the Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe, SCOOB⁠—and its apocalyptic implications. Kevyn becomes a king-of-sting as we lay down the latest news on PS5 titles, including the announcement of a very special The Lord of the Rings game, before we dive headfirst into Kevyn's newest addiction: Pokemon Cards and Atomicrops. Jace finally comes home to roost in the anime worlds of Sakura Wars and Final Fantasy XIV. And, finally, after 43 episodes of Game Clubs, something truly unprecedented happens upon our exploration into Austin Powers Pinball for the PS1. It must be heard to be believed, and to be believed it must be heard; that's just Sky Pirate Radio in a nutshell, baby.

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